Start/Finish Location 
MacRitchie Reservoir, Amenities Centre 
Location Map via (Click Here)
Location Map via google map (Click Here)

Route Map
NOTE: You must follow the designated route map.  Any deviations from the designated route will not be counted in the 200km, such as making a trip to your home.  You must show evidence that you completed the designated route via your phone apps, watch GPS synced to your phone apps and/or online software.  This evidence must be sent to/shared with Ben Swee asap after you complete the route so we can verify you did the designated route.

GPX file - Click HERE

Via (Click HERE)
  • From your computer, open to view the route.  
  • 'Bookmark' this route via your computer so that it will appear on your mobile phone's mapmyrun app.
  • Download the mapmyrun app onto your mobile phone.
  • Open up the mapmyrun app in your mobile phone & click on Route-> Bookmarked-> Monster Ultra 200 (2018)-> Do It.
Via Google Map (Click HERE)
  • 'Bookmark' this link to the route on your mobile phone.
  • Switch on GPS whenever you need to view your location on the map.
  • Follow the route according to the distance markers as indicated on the map.

Locations at every 5km interval
Click HERE to view