Event Details

Start/Finish Venue: MacRitchie Reservoir, Singapore
Distance: 200km
Time Limit: 45 hours (new cutoff time since 2019)
Start Time: 9pm (2100hrs) on 19 Feb 2021 Friday
Cutoff Time: 6pm (1800hrs) on 21 Feb 2021 Sunday

Format of Event
  • 200km Single-Stage Fun Run (Up to 45 hours to complete 200km)
  • Usage of bicycle, vehicle, scooter, electric bike, etc will be not be permitted for participants.  You can only be on foot.
  • Fully Self-Supported (no medical aid will be provided by the organiser.  You are responsible for your own well-being)
  • Self-Navigate (there are no directional signs along the route.  You need to print/refer to the route map)
  • No Entry Fee
  • You or your support crew/pacer must update the organiser every 6 hours (commencing from 12am).  If no updates are received every 6 hours, the Monster will be disqualified.
  • You must follow the designated route & provide evidence of the route you took, example via your phone tracker/apps, GPS watch synced to your phone/PC showing the route you took, or you follow someone who uses a GPS tracker/apps/watch and that someone can vouch that you did the full 200km designated route.  You must show the route map you did to Ben Swee asap after you finish, either via your phone apps or a URL link to your activity.  If you do not complete any segment of the designated route, you will not be considered a finisher.  We will not count the distances which you took to go to other locations, such as your home.
Reporting of Status
To reduce/avoid a situation where the organiser/family/friends will be worried for you/trying to locate you, all participants (or the support crew) are required to update Ben via Facebook messenger or WhatsApp under the following situations (not limited to these):
- If you decide to stop (DNF)/sustained injury & not continue with the event.
- At every 6 hour interval (at 12am, 6am, 12pm, 6pm, 12am, 6am, 12pm) or at any point you think necessary, every participant (or your support crew/pacer) MUST send a message or selfie photo (via Facebook/Whatsspp/SMS) to Ben Swee or update the event page on Facebook with the following info:
    • Your current location (road name/landmark)
    • Distance covered up to current location
    • Any issue you have
- When you are 10km away from the Finish line (Dunearn Road, just after junction of Eng Neo Ave & Dunearn Road (Map)
NOTE: If no updates are received every 6 hours, the Monster will be disqualified.

19 Feb 2021 Friday
*Group Photo taking
*Flag Off
21 Feb 2021 Sunday
*Conclusion/Finish of Monster Ultra

  • All waste/rubbish are to be disposed into the recycle/waste/rubbish bins along the route.  Do not litter.  
Items to bring (recommended)
  • Mobile Phone with access to local data 3G/4G with extra batteries/power bank
  • Watch with GPS function/tracking
  • Hydration Bladder/Bottle/Cup 
  • Map (in your device - smart phone/handheld GPS)
  • Cash/Coins (emergency/purchase of food/drinks)
  • Headlight/Torchlight (for dark/poorly lit areas.  Blackouts may occur)
  • Simple First Aid items
  • Anti-Blister lotion
  • Sunglasses
  • Cap
  • Poncho
  • Extra socks/shoes/clothes
  • The route will be on concrete footpaths, beside the roads.  Please avoid running on the roads if possible.  This is for your safety.  We strongly recommend you get a support crew/pacer to help you through this extreme challenge, which will cause fatigue you may not have experienced before & will compromise on your safety.
  • There is no trail involved.

Stopping/DNF (Did Not Finish)
If you wish to stop/do not wish to continue with the event at any point, please send a message to Ben to inform your intention, location, health condition.

  • In the event of any emergency, please contact Ben and if necessary, the emergency number 995 to inform the following:
    • Your name
    • Casualty's name (if any) (Please stay with the casualty until help arrives)
    • Situation (Who, What, When, Where, Why, How)
    • Location
    • Action Taken (if any)
  • You may wish to have a rear light (red blinker, glow in the dark device, etc) must be worn/attached to your back especially during low light/night/poor visibility conditions so others coming from your back know of your presence.
  • You may wish to have a torchlight and/or headlamp for use during low light/night/poor visibility conditions.
  • You must carry sufficient drinks & food throughout the event, topping up whenever possible via purchasing at shops/petrol stations/convenience stores so as to last at least 10km before the next available supply location (shops/convenience stores/petrol stations/etc).
  • Carry your own medication/muscle spray or rub/1st Aid supplies
  • You may wish to carry a pole/hiking pole/stick with you for self-defence, e.g. against dogs.
  • If you do encounter ferocious dog, do not enter their territory nor antagonise them.  Read more here
  • Please stay on the footpath at all times unless there are segments where you can only be on the road.  
  • If you have to be on the road, please move in the direction facing oncoming traffic so you can react to oncoming vehicles' actions.
  • Follow/adhere to traffic rules/lights.  Cross roads only when it's safe to do so.